Good Luck


Short Film
2019, 11 min


Tom grows up in a crowded orphanage and often visits his favourite lake. As a young adult, he founds a music club with his friend Cem. His girlfriend Lilli is expecting a baby. As he strives for success in life and business, he suddenly wins an exorbitant sum in the lottery. Tom's reaction is one of joy, but also of anxiety: he is afraid that, like most winners, he will lose the money through irresponsible spending. He does everything he can to protect and even increase his wealth. He takes extreme measures and, after many setbacks, achieves lasting financial success. But at what price? Who should he share his wealth and success with? Only when it's too late does Tom consider what he really values.

Further information

The project was financed via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and celebrated its world premiere with two nominations in London at the British Independent Film Festival.