Keep Her Quiet


Fictional Feature
120 min


Schubert Film

Co-Production: SWR, ARTE

Genre: Political Thriller

Funding: MFG Film Fund Baden-Württemberg, Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, Filmförderanstalt

Support: Harvard University, Stanford University


We are currently developing a new feature-length project about the true story of two courageous investigative journalists who risked their lives to expose a systematic humanitarian disaster of huge geopolitical significance.

Learn more about Keep Her Quiet, our team and the production process on our Official Website.

Further information

The project was part of the FOCAL Production Value workshop 2023 in Riga. It is being developed in collaboration with ACE Producers and supported by various institutions, experts and additional prominent individuals in the subject area. We are also working closely with the real people behind the characters to tell the stories as truthfully as possible. The screenplay was nominated for the Thomas Strittmatter Prize 2023.